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Power Team - Double Acting - Electric Hydraulic Pump

-Electrically powered, 110/115V
-Double Acting (two-way oil flow raises plunger & retracts plunger)

Description: Electrically powered hydraulic pump with rated discharge pressure of 10,000 psi for operating hydraulic cylinder jacks. Self-contained hydraulic fluid reservoir. Will start under full load. Economy pump is outfitted with a pump mounted rocker type off/momentary on control. Mobile and stationary pumps are outfitted with a 10 foot on/off cable remote control. All pumps provide Advance - Hold - Retract cylinder control.

Please choose between:

1. Economic Pump: Lightweight and portable for intermittent duty of small cylinders.

2. Mobile Pump: Dependable and portable with a powerful motor for intermittent duty of small to medium size cylinders. Works well with long extension cords or with a generator in the field. Perfect for maintenance and construction use.

3. Stationary Pump: Heavy duty, for use in same location, for extended duty cycle of small to large cylinders. Use where 20 amp circuit is available. Perfect for small production jobs.

Manufacturers: Power Team (SPX Corp.)



Compatible with
Power Team Jacks:

Single or Double Acting

Usable Oil Capacity
(fluid ounces)


Usually Ships Within:


Economic Pump

for Small Cylinders


Operates any one jack:

RD: 106, 256
RH: 306D

Single & Double acting

Slow speed at 6 fl.oz/min

0.25 hp, 6 amps max

Rocker type off/momentary on control

33 fl.oz.
(approx. 0.25 Gal)


4-6 weeks


Mobile Pump

for Small to
Medium Cylinders


Operates any one jack listed above plus, any one jack:

RD: 556, 1006, 1506, 2006, 3006
RH: 605, 1006, 1505, 2008

Double Acting

Medium speed at 16 fl.oz/min

1.0 hp, 13 amps max

Cable remote control

Larger rugged aluminum tank

210 fl.oz.
(1.75 Gal)


4-6 weeks


Stationary Pump

for Small to
Large Cylinders


Operates any one jack listed above plus, any one jack:

RD: 4006, 5006

Single & Double acting

Medium speed at 25 fl.oz/min

1.5 hp, 25 amps max

Cable remote control

Larger rugged aluminum tank

326 fl.oz.
(2.5 Gal)


4-6 weeks


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